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Above, On and Below

Above, on and below worksheets. Kindergarten positional language for children ages 3-5

"Above" is a word used to describe something that is higher than something else and not touching. "On" is similar to above but where something is touching. "Below" means something that is lower than something else. In this page we want your child to fully understand what these positional words mean. Please help your child work through each of the questions.

Count How Many

Describe the picture below to your child and all the items that you can see. Discuss what is above, what is on and what is below.

Work through each of the questions below and ask your child to enter the correct number into the box.

How many are above the ground?


How many things are on the ground?


How many are below the ground?


Printable Above, On and Below Worksheet

Above, On and Below Positional Words Worksheet


Print out the worksheet on the left hand side.

The worksheet has a bridge and some water lilies which are floating on the water.

Ask your child to draw the items required to check they fully understand what above, on and below mean.

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