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Beside Worksheets

Beside worksheets. Kindergarten positional language for kids ages 3-5

"Beside" is a word used to describe something at the side of or next to something else. In this page we want your child to fully understand what this means. Please help your child work through each of the exercises to understand the concept of positional words.

Tick Beside

Below are four questions. For each question ask your child to click on the box that is under the picture where one object is beside another object.

Printable Beside Worksheet

Beside Positional Words Worksheet


Print out the worksheet on the left hand side.

For the first three questions, your child needs to draw an object so it is beside the box. For the last question he or she needs to draw a shape so it is beside the rectangle.

Why not make the exercise fun and ask your child to add some color.

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