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Color Green Worksheets

Single color green worksheets, interactive and printable. Preschool color recognition for children ages 3-5

Below we've assembled a number of bright green objects. We have an umbrella, a frog, a pear, a hat, some grass, a happy looking crocodile, a mitten and some fir trees. It's a great idea to take your child through each of the objects, explaining what they are and their color.

You should also consider gathering objects in the house that are green. Make a label and attach it to the green objects, this is to help your child to recognize the word "green" and to help your child read the word. When you are out walking with your child, point out objects and their colors. This will also improve your child's vocabulary.

Another fun exercise to consider is for your child to create green by mixing two paint colors. Yellow and blue makes green.

Objects That Can be Green

Color Green Worksheets for Kindergarten

Printable Color Green Worksheet for Kindergarten

Printable Green Color Worksheet

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Print out the green coloring worksheet on the left hand side.

Ask your child to practise writing the word green, so they are able to recognize the word in future. 

Then color in, using a sharp pencil, the word green and the very happy looking dragon.

Count How Many Leaves Are Green

Below are lots of leaves, some colored yellow, some green, some red and some brown. Ask your child to count the green leaves and to enter the number into the box.

Green leaves

Practise Typing the Word "Green"

In this exercise your child needs to type the word green. As well as reinforcing what they have learnt so far with both how to spell and recognize the word, they will also learn keyboard skills which are essential.

Drag and Drop Green Cup Cakes on the Plate Below

In the last exercise, your child needs to find the two yummy looking green cup cakes, and click and drag them to the correct position.

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