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Color Grey Worksheets

Single color grey worksheets, interactive and printable. Preschool color recognition for children ages 3-5

We've gathered together lots of grey objects. Below are a pair of socks, a pair of trousers or pants, a bird, a whale, a dog a mouse and a dress. Introduce your child to the color grey and some of the objects.

It's also a good idea to collect a number of grey objects around the house. Make a label and attach it to the grey objects, this is to help your child to recognize the word "grey" and to help your child read the word.  In addition, when you are out walking with your child, point out objects and their color.

To make learning fun for your child, consider getting some paint together and asking your child to mix black and white to see what happens.

Objects That Can be Grey

Color Grey Worksheets for Kindergarten

Printable Color Grey Worksheet for Kindergarten

Printable Grey Color Worksheet

Download worksheet

Print out the grey coloring worksheet on the left hand side and ask your child to work through it.

He or she will learn how to write the word grey. We appreciate that in some countries it is spelt gray. Then ask your child to color in, in grey, the word, the bunny rabbit and the elephant.

Count How Many Sheep Are Grey

Below are six sheep. They are colored white, grey and black. Ask your child to count the number of grey sheep and enter the number into the box.

Grey sheep

Practise Typing the Word "Grey"

Now it's time for your child to practise typing in the word grey. This will reinforce both the spelling of the word and how to recognize it. It will also provide valuable keyboard skills which are essential.

Drag and Drop Cats in The Field

Below are four cats, two grey and two black. Two of them are larger than the other two. Ask you child to click on each cat and drag it to it's correct position, ensuring the color and size match.

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