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Color Purple Worksheets

Single color purple worksheets, interactive and printable. Preschool color recognition for children ages 3-5

We've gathered together lots of objects that are colored purple. We have a hat, an aubergine (or eggplant), a necklace, some plums, a shoe, a flower, and some grapes. Explain to your child what the objects are and their color. Also, highlight that a color may appear in many different shades.

Look around your house and gather together items that are purple and discuss them with your child. Make a label and attach it to the purple objects, this is to help your child to recognize the word "purple" and to help your child read the word. When you are out for a walk, point out objects to your child and their color. This will also greatly increase their vocabulary.

It's a fun exercise to have your child create purple. Ask them to mix some red and blue paint and see what happens. If you want to change the shade so it's darker or lighter, consider adding just a little black or white respectively.

Objects That Can be Purple

Color Purple Worksheets for Kindergarten

Printable Color Purple Worksheet for Kindergarten

Printable Purple Color Worksheet

Download worksheet

Print out the purple coloring worksheet on the left hand side.

Ask your child to practise writing the word purple. Next, ask them to color in the word purple, then to color in the Easter egg, the cake and the angel. Use a sharp colored pencil rather than a crayon. if you have a large selection of colors, try using varying shades of purple. 

Count How Many Flowers Are Purple

Next we have ten flowers, some are purple and some are green. Ask your child to count the number of purple flowers and to type the number into the box.

Purple flower

Practise Typing the Word "Purple"

Ask your child to type purple into each of the empty boxes (use a lower case p). This is so they can practise both their spelling and their keyboard skills and also learn to recognize the word. 

Drag and Drop Decorations on the Tree

In the last exercise we have a Christmas tree and we'd like your child to hang the decorations on the tree. They need to match both the color and the shape. So ask your child to click and drag each decoration to the correct place on the tree. 

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