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Color White Worksheets

Single color white worksheets, interactive and printable. Preschool color recognition for children ages 3-5

We've gathered together a number of objects below that are colored white. We have a happy looking polar bear, some snowflakes, some fir trees covered in snow, a snowman, a flower and a chicken. Explain to your child each one of the objects and their color.

It's a good idea to go around the house and pull together objects that are white to further reinforce the color. Make a label and attach it to the white objects, this is to help your child to recognize the word "white" and to help your child read the word. Also, whilst you are out walking, point out to your child objects and their color.

Unfortunately we are not aware of any way of mixing paints to get white. If you mix red, blue and green light, however, you will get white. Doing this with paint gives you black.

Objects That Can be White

Color White Worksheets for Kindergarten

Printable Color White Worksheet for Kindergarten

Printable White Color Worksheet

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Print out the white coloring worksheet on the left hand side.

Ask your child to practise writing the word, white. Then ask your child to color in the pictures. As a suggestion, instead of using the color white, use some other colors to add shade or a contrast to white to add interest but to leave an area of each picture uncolored, i.e. white.

Count How Many Sheep Are White

Below are six happy sheep, some are white, some are grey and some are black. Ask your child to count the number of white sheep and to enter the number into the box.

White sheep

Practise Typing the Word "White"

Below are some empty boxes. As your child to type the word white into each box, all letters should be lower case. Typing the work will provide your child with essential keyboard skills and provide additional practise in how to both spell and recognize the word.

Drag and Drop Bears in The Field

Now onto the last exercise. Below are four happy looking bears, two are white and two are brown, note also that two of them are smaller. Ask your child to click on each bear. and to drag it to the correct spot, matching both the color and the size. 

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