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Skip Counting in 4s

Skip counting in 4s worksheets for 5-6 year old children. Year 1 maths.

Learn to Skip Count in 4s. Before you do attempt this, you should have completed both skip counting in 2s and 3s first.

This time we are going to add, or possibly subtract 4 each time. Below are two exercises. The first exercise starts from zero. Fill in each box, skip counting 4 at a time.

Remember to keep repeating these exercises until you can enter the numbers without even thinking. Knowing the next number in the sequence should be automatic. If can be easier to learn if you recite the numbers aloud.

Skip Counting in 4s Using Number Line

The second exercise has a dinosaur theme, but instead of skip counting with the numbers increasing, this time they are decreasing. So you need to subtract, rather than add, starting from 27.

Skip Count by 4s in Descending Order

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