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Learn Number 11

Learn Number 11 with Interactive and Printable Worksheets.

Understanding how to count and write numbers is a fun and exciting exercise for you and your child. These exercises should only be done if your child is alert so the benefits are maximized from this learning experience. Please also bear in mind the attention span of your child. Once they start to lose interest or concentration, then stop. Praise your child when they get the answer right and help your child if the answer is incorrect.

Number 11 Interactive Worksheet

How to help your child with the worksheet:

The worksheet consists of three pages. Two of the pages feature a snowman; one with snowflakes and the second with trees covered in snow. The third page is full of flowers.

As you work through each page, ensure that your child knows what to do. Talk about what you see: the number, the shape of the number, the winter scene, the name of the flower (tulip), the letters. This will add to the sense of fun and encourage your child to want to learn and move onto the next page.

Printable Number 11 Worksheet

Below is a small worksheet that you can download and print. As number 11 is made up of two 1's, your child should have completed the number 1 worksheet. Encourage your child to complete the entire number line, and, as they draw the snowflakes in the box, to count as they go along.

Remember, when you write a number, to start from the top and follow the dots. Once your child has practised with the dots, encourage them to complete the line so they can write number 11 on their own.

Encourage your child to color the snowflakes, this will help to improve their concentration, pencil control, and hand eye coordination. It's best to use a sharp colored pencil.

Printable Number 11 Worksheet


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