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Learn Number 12

Learn Number 12 with Interactive and Printable Worksheets

Learning how to count and write numbers will be a fun and exciting time. Your child needs to be fully awake, so he or she learns as much as possible. As soon as your child starts to lose interest or becomes tired, then stop. If your child is completely new to learning and typing, then please help your child as much as possible, giving lots of praise along the way. Please also remember to try the printable worksheet along with the interactive version.

 Number 12 Interactive Worksheet

The interactive worksheet for number 12 consists of 3 pages. You will find some ducks, some bananas and a farmer with his wife who is carrying a full basket of apples collected on a beautiful sunny day with some butterflies fluttering past. As your child completes each page, it's important to discuss not just the numbers, but the shapes and everything else that you see, so they add to their vocabulary at the same time. Hopefully, this adds to their level of excitement and encourages them to want to learn more.

Printable Number 12 Worksheet

Below is a simple one page worksheet for you to print. Your child can then practise writing the number twelve and color in the bananas. Before completing this worksheet, your child should have completed the worksheets for numbers 1 and 2.

When writing numbers, remember, your child always needs to start from the top and have a sharp pencil. Once they are comfortable writing the numbers with the dots, encourage them to complete the line without the dots.

Ask your child to color in the bananas. This will improve their eye hand coordination, pencil control and help them to learn how to concentrate.

Finally, see if your child can draw twelve bananas in the box provided.

Printable Number 11 Worksheet


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