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Learn Number 13 and 14

Learn Number 13 and 14 with Interactive and Printable Worksheets

If you have worked your way through each page from number 1, you'll have noticed that each page was dedicated to one number. For the remaining numbers through to twenty, each page will feature two numbers.

Learning numbers should be fun and exciting. Ensure your child is fully awake, so they are ready to learn as much as possible. If they become tired or start to lose concentration then stop. It's sometimes better to learn a little and often rather than a lot in one long session.

Remember to help your child progress through this page and praise them often. There is both an interactive and printable worksheet to keep you busy.

Number 13 and 14 Interactive Worksheet

The interactive worksheet for number 13 and 14 comprises six pages. In addition to counting and learning to type the numbers, there is lots to talk to your child about. An elephant, dog, horse, balloons, balls and shapes are all there to entertain your child and enhance their vocabulary, as they progress through each page. This should keep your child fully engaged and hungry to want to learn more.

Printable Number 13 and 14 Worksheets

Below are two simple one page worksheets, to continue learning numbers 13 and 14. Prior to completing these worksheets, you should have completed the worksheets for numbers 1, 3 and 4.

Each worksheet allows your child to draw the number, color in some balloons and hearts and also learn to draw shapes, counting as they go along.

When writing a number, remind your child to always start from the top. Once they have finished practising writing the number with dots, ask your child to complete the line and write the number without the dots.

When coloring in the shapes, this will teach concentration and improve both eye hand coordination and pencil control.

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