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Learn Number 2

Learn number 2 with preschool number activities: songs, videos, number games, and printable worksheets.

Learning numbers and how to count should be a fun and exciting experience for you and your child, a shared time together. So make sure that your child is switched on before starting the activities on this page. Keep the time spent appropriate to the age of your child and their level of concentration. Praise and encourage your child, to boost their confidence. Celebrate their success.

Count to 2




Learn How to Count to Two

Learn Number 2 Game

How to help your child with the game:

The game consists of 8 pages and is based on the sea world theme. On each page, talk about the activities and make sure that your child understands what they are to do. Talk about the characters, name the sea creature and the objects you can see in the pictures. Talk about the shape of the number. What does it remind the child of? A swan perhaps? Talk about other things that go in pairs, like shoes, gloves, socks, etc. This will give your child a context for the activities. Stop before your child loses concentration or become restless, remember this is not just educational, it should be fun. This will guarantee that they want to come back for more!

Printable Number 2 Worksheets

Encourage your child to color in the illustrations. This builds up concentration, improves eye and hand coordination, and develops pencil control. Make sure there is a range of colored pencils or felt-tip pens available. Crayons are usually too thick for such activities. For drawing and writing, your child needs a sharp and soft pencil. If it is too hard, they will have difficulty seeing their work, which will lead to frustration.

When children are writing numbers and letters, they should always start from the top.  When the child is writing the number 2, talk about the movements of the pencil - up, over the top, down and along. Encourage your child to write in a continuous movement. Repeat these when the child is writing on their own with dots and without dots.

When counting, encourage your child to put their finger on each object as they count it.

Song About Number 2

Learn Number 3

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