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Learn Number 4

Learn number 4 with number games, videos, printable worksheets and the other preschool number activities.

Learning numbers and how to count should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your child, a shared time together. So make sure that your child is alert and not too tired before you start the activities on this page.  Keep the time spent appropriate to the child's age and their level of concentration. Boost your child's confidence using compliments and encouragement. Celebrate their success. 

Count Up to 4




Learn to Count Up to Four

Learn Number 4 Game

How to help your child with the game:

The game consists of 8 pages in an "animals in the forest" theme. Talk about the activities on each page and make sure your child understands what they are to do. Let them talk about the pictures, their name and count the animals in the picture. Talk to your child about the shape of the number and its significance. This will give your child a context for the activities. Remember this is for fun as well as being educational, so stop before your child loses concentration or becomes restless. This will ensure that they want to return for more!

Printable Number 4 Worksheets

Encourage your child to color in the illustrations. This develops pencil control, improves eye and hand coordination, and builds up concentration. Make sure there is a range of colored pencils or felt-tip pens available. Crayons are usually too thick for such activities. For writing and drawing, your child needs a sharp and soft pencil. If it is too hard they will have difficulty seeing their work, which will lead to frustration.

When writing the number 4, talk about how to move the pencil starting from the top, down, then along, and across the bottom. When counting, ensure that the child points to each object, the last number names the set. The word "set" defines, a group, in mathematical terms, and it is a word your child should become familiar with.

Complete the tasks on each sheet, additionally, ask your child to draw a ring around the set of four.

Song About the Number 4

Learn Number 5

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