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Math Matching and Sorting Revision Practice

Math Matching and Sorting Revision Worksheets for Preschool Children Ages 3-5.

Before completing this revision page, please ensure you have completed all of the sections on same/different, sorting, patterns and sequencing.

These fun exercises will reinforce everything that has been taught so far.

Sorting Sets of Balls

In the picture you will notice children playing with balls that have three different colors. You need to sort the balls into the correct set. Simply click on each ball and drag to the correct location.

Once complete, count the balls and enter the correct number for each color.

Count how many in each circle.

Flowers in the Garden

Below are three different sets of flowers. Within each set, one flower is different to the rest. Tick the box of the flower that doesn't match the rest. The last set of flowers is not so easy!

Matching and Sorting Printable Worksheets

Lastly, we have four worksheets for you to print.

First worksheet - There are three animals who need to stand on top of the podium. Follow the pattern sequence for each animal and work out which animal comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Second worksheet - Simply draw a matching flower.

Third worksheet - There are three sets of teddies. Dress the teddy on the right the same as the teddy on the left. For the last set, you are free to dress the teddy on the left how you wish, but the teddy on the right, then has to match.

Fourth worksheet - complete the dot to dot pattern to reveal the animal.

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