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Kindergarten Math Matching and Sorting

Math Matching/Sorting Worksheets Interactive & Printable. Ages 3-5.

In this section, we will be teaching your child preschool math matching and sorting. Ideally, your child should have completed all of the other sections first as he or she will need to be familiar with counting, shapes and colors.

Your child needs to experience an enjoyable learning process through lots of hands-on activity. In this section, each page suggests the practical examples that are helpful to work through with your child before they start each exercise.

There are lots of interactive and printable worksheets for them to complete, but please ensure you talk through each exercise or question first before they attempt it.

Once they have built their confidence in this new topic, we have a revision section for them to work through to keep up their excitement. Remember learning needs to be fun, so ensure your child is alert and stop once you notice he or she starts to lose concentration.

So let's discover matching and sorting. In this section your child will learn:

Same and Different

This lesson is all about matching. What matches, and what doesn't match.

Your child will learn to understand what is "different" or "not the same". You will explore what is meant by matching and identify objects that are "the same".

We will teach them how shapes and objects differ and to understand the skill of observation.


We explain what is meant by sorting and introduce the word, categories. You will sort everyday objects.

You will learn what "sets" are. We have exercises to sort objects into sets.

We bring matching and sorting together.

Use of the child's observations skills will further develop and he or she will need to use their counting knowledge.


A fun topic exploring patterns.

Identifying a pattern and understanding a pattern are essential skills needed as your child develops their knowledge of math.

We have lots of patterns for you to identify and complete, some simple and some complex.

You also have the opportunity to create your own patterns.


The last topic in this section explains what is probably the most complicated for your child, sequencing.

Sequencing is best explained when compared to daily life. The order in which we do things every day.

Your child will learn how to put objects into the right order.

What comes "before". What comes "next". How items are ordered, first, second, third etc.

Math Matching and Sorting Revision

This is your child's interactive playground to practice and reinforce everything he or she has learnt.

We have many exercises that really bring matching and sorting to life and make the whole learning exercise fun.

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