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Kindergarten Math Patterns

Interactive and Printable Math Patterns Recognition Worksheets for Preschool. Ages 3-5.

As with most topics in math, it's very helpful for your child if you explain the concept before diving into these kindergarten pattern activities. So, ensure your child has a good grasp of what a pattern is first.

With your child, create some patterns at home using whatever objects you can find. Use some crockery, cushions, books, whatever you can make a pattern with.

Understanding patterns is essential as your child will need to recognize patterns in numbers.

Finishing the Patterns

In the exercise below, we want your child to look at each line and complete the pattern. Complete one line at a time in the correct order. All of the objects to complete each line are at the bottom of the question, simply drag and drop them into the correct position. If your child is new to patterns you will need to explain each pattern to them slowly. Left to right movement is essential.

Repeating the Math Patterns

The next series of patterns are a little more complex. All of the numbers that need to be dragged and dropped are at the bottom. Remember we are looking for a pattern, and not a number sequence.

Printable Pattern Worksheets

Below we have two coloring worksheets for you to print. Work through each with your child. Look at the simple patterns and complete. The second worksheet gives your child the opportunity to create their own pattern.

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