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 Kindergarten Math Sequencing

Interactive and printable math sequencing worksheets for preschool. Children ages 3-5.

Sequencing is all about getting things into the "right order". Before starting these exercises, talk to your child about sequencing. An example is the sequence in which events occur during their daily routine.

We explain what is meant by "before" and "after". What comes before or after a certain action. What then comes "next".

In the Right Order

In this first exercise discuss each picture with your child and ask them to work out the correct sequence of their activities. What happened before and then what happened after.

Tick before

Tick after

Talk about the pictures and type 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the right boxes.

Complete Number Sequences

The next three questions have missing numbers. A clock, some socks and some peaches. Enter all of the missing numbers in the correct sequence.

Printable Math Sequencing Worksheets

Lastly, we have four sequence worksheets for you to print out.

In the first worksheet, look carefully at the objects on each line and complete the sequence. For the next two worksheets, simply complete the missing numbers.

Lastly, your child should have fun completing the dot to dot number sequence to reveal the animal.

Well done! You finished the matching and sorting chapter. Keep up with the good work and learn more with matching and sorting revision practice.

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