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Kindergarten Math Sorting

Preschool Math Sorting Worksheets Interactive & Printable. Ages 3-5.

This section is all about "sorting". You will find a lots of sorting activities here. If your child is new to this topic, it's really useful to practice sorting at home first before working through these exercises.

Consider mixing up some fruit and asking your child to sort the fruit by their type. Look in the kitchen cupboard and sort tins and packets. There should be lots of things that can be sorted, but give it meaning by providing useful categories.

Counting is used a lot throughout this page as is the need for your child to practice their observation skills. They will also need to remember their shapes.

Sorting Sets of Apples and Pears

"Sets" is a new concept that needs to be explained. In this exercise we want to sort the fruit, apples and pears, into their sets.

Click on each fruit and drag it to the correct box. Ensure the whole fruit is positioned inside the box otherwise it will bounce back to where you started from. The fruit can overlap in each box. Once all the fruit has been moved into their correct set, it will congratulate you on a job well done!

Your child will then need to count how many apples and how many pears are in each set.

Count how many apples altogether Count how many pears altogether

Sorting Sets of Sweets

This is similar to the above exercise with fruit, this time let's sort the sweets into the correct jar using the same method.

Count how many altogether Count how many altogether

Adding to the Set

We now have two more exercises where you need to add shapes to the sets. Ask your child to follow the simple instruction and move the correct number of shapes into the correct set. Once complete, for each set, count the number of shapes and enter the number.

Count how many altogether Count how many altogether
Count how many altogether Count how many altogether

Sorting the Toys

It's now time to ask your child to sort their toys into the correct set marked by the ovals. We've started it for you to give you a hint about the two categories. If your child moves an object into the wrong set it will simply bounce back.

Look at the toys in the ovals. Match the other toys to the right oval.

Sorting the Orange Trees

Ask your child to look at each tree and to count the number of oranges on each. You're child should realize there are trees with either 3, 4 or 5 oranges. Ask them to count how many of each and to type in the correct number.

Next we add an additional tree to each set. Again ask your child to type in the correct number of trees for each set.

Count how many oranges are on each tree.

Count how many trees have...

3 oranges 4 oranges 5 oranges

Add 1 more tree for each set.

Now how many trees have...

3 oranges 4 oranges 5 oranges

Sorting the Animals

Now it's time to sort the animals depending on how many legs each animal has. There are 4 questions.

Printable Math Sorting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Lastly, it's time to print out these three worksheets and ask your child to work through them. Simply click on each worksheet.

Sort the Fish - ask your child to work out which fish each fishermen will catch by drawing a line from each, and to count how many fish match each pattern.

Sorting the Dogs - look at all the friendly dogs and match each one to the children by drawing a line from each.

Adding to Sets - all three questions require your child to draw additional shapes, then to count the number of shapes in each set.

Good job! You have learnt math sorting, would you like to move to the next topic and learn more? Go next then to math patterns.

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