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Learn Number 15 and 16

Learn Number 15 and 16 with Interactive and Printable Math Worksheets

Learning numbers is fun and exciting. To have reached this page we hope you have worked your way through all of the number pages from 1 to 14, and your now well on your way counting to 20.

Please ensure your child is wide awake and eager to learn two more new numbers. Remember if your child starts to feel a bit tired and lose concentration, then stop and take a break.

Please help your child work through both of the worksheets. Ensure they are given lots of encouragement and praise. As with the other pages, there is an interactive section and printable worksheets to reinforce what has been learnt.

Number 15 and 16 Interactive Worksheets

The interactive worksheets for 15 and 16 comprise six pages. As well as learning to count up to these numbers, you'll also be learning how to type the number, both numerically and written. Remember to talk your child through each page. There is a lot of opportunity for them to learn new words as they progress.

The pages feature chicks (don't count mum and dad!), butterflies, flowers, bees, apples, cherries and lots more. This should keep your child excited and eager to learn more.

Printable Worksheets

Below are two simple one page worksheets. One for number 15 and one for number 16. Prior to completing these, you really should have done the printable worksheets for numbers 1, 5 and 6.

Each sheet requires your child to write the numbers, color in some strawberries and cute cats, and also to draw the shapes as well, counting as they go along.

Remember, when writing a number, to always start from the top. Please ensure they have a sharp pencil. Once your child is able to write the number using the dots, have them complete the line without the dots, remembering to give lots of praise and make it fun.

Coloring in the shapes is also important as it teaches both concentration, pencil control and hand-eye coordination.

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