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Learn Number 19 and 20

Learn Number 19 and 20 with Interactive and Printable Worksheets

Two more numbers to learn and then your child can not only count to 20, but is also able to write down all of the numbers from 1 to 20, and will have substantially increased their vocabulary. Once your child has completed this page, then move onto the revision pages to reinforce what they have learnt.

Ensuring you child is wide awake and there are no distractions, work through the page giving your child lots of encouragement and praise, regardless of how well they are doing. Remember, if they begin to look tired or lose concentration, let them have a break.

Work through both the interactive and printable worksheets so they can fully explore all aspects of learning each number.

Interactive Worksheets

The interactive worksheet for 19 and 20 comprises six pages, and features lots of little creatures and some flowers to increase your child's vocabulary. They will see ladybirds, snails, butterflies, daisies, and even a funny looking spider sitting on a stool playing the harp.

With each page, we aim to keep your child excited and eager to learn.

Printable Number 19 and 20 Worksheets

Below are two simple one page worksheets for you to print out so your child can continue to learn numbers 19 and 20. They should have completed the printable worksheets for numbers 1, 2 and 9.

With each sheet, your child will write the number, initially using the dots, then complete the entire line without the dots. Number 19 has some butterflies for them to color in and draw in the box, number 20 features ladybirds. Both coloring and drawing are important as they learn to both concentrate and improve their pencil control.

Please use a sharp pencil, and when writing numbers, remind your child to always start from the top.

Once your child has completed all of the sheets, it's now time for them to move on to the revision pages, just to ensure they remember everything they have been taught. (Click on the revision link at the bottom of the page).

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