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Learn Numbers 1-20

Numbers 1-20 Interactive and Printable Revision Worksheets

It is now time for your child to revise all of the numbers from 1 through to 20, to reinforce everything he or she has learnt. To have reached this page your child should have worked through each of the numbers so they are familiar with what each number looks like and how to recognize it, how to type the number on a keyboard, how to draw the number, and most importantly, how to count all the way up to 20.

Numbers 1 to 20 Interactive Worksheets

Below are six interactive worksheets, 5 of which feature clowns who are carrying balloons. Your child simply needs to enter the number that is missing. The last worksheet is a 'dot to dot' of a very large animal - simply draw the lines starting from number 1 all the way up to 20 in the correct sequence. Can you guess the animal before you join up all the dots?

Work with your child on each worksheet until they are confident they are able to complete it themselves. Remember, this is supposed to be a fun learning exercise, so give lots of praise and to take a break if anyone is feeling tired.

Printable Numbers 1 to 20 Worksheets

Lastly, we have four printable worksheets for you to print and work with your child to complete. Three of the worksheets require the missing numbers to be written on each of the balloons. The last worksheet is another 'dot to dot'.

Ensure your child has a sharp pencil to write the numbers and some coloring pencils to color in the clown and the balloons.

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