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Outside Worksheets

Outside worksheets. Kindergarten positional language for kids ages 3-5

"Outside" is a word used to describe something that is beyond something else. In this page we want your child to fully understand what this means. Please help your child work through each of the exercises.

Tick Outside

Below are three simple questions. For each question, ask your child to look at each picture and to understand where something is outside. I.e. where is the dog outside of the kennel? Which jar are the strawberries outside? Which picture is the rabbit outside of the hat? Tick the box underneath each picture you think is correct.

Printable Outside Worksheet

Outside Positional Words Worksheet


Print out the worksheet on the left hand side.

Ask your child to draw four sweets outside of the jar. It's also a good idea to ask him or her to add some color to make the exercise fun.

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