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Math Positional Words

Kindergarten positional words worksheets for children ages 3-5

In this section we aim to teach your child what is termed "positional language". He or she will learn to understand the position of objects and their opposites. For example: in front or behind, inside and outside, between and beside, above, on and below. All these words are necessary for future math tuition.

If your child is only just learning these position words, an easy way to teach them is to act them out. Learning practically keeps your child engaged and gives them an understanding that learning is fun. So consider acting out each of the words by creating some games. 

Interactive Positional Worksheets

Below are seven interactive worksheets for your and your child to work through. Each one explains the meaning of a positional word, the child is asked to do some interactive exercises and to work through a printed worksheet.

Printable Positional Words Worksheets

Print out the six worksheets below and work through with your child. They provide lots of further examples to work through what your child has learnt from the previous interactive worksheets.

  1. In Front - draw a dog in front of the kennel.
  2. Inside - draw a circle inside the triangle.
  3. Outside - draw four sweets outside the jar.
  4. Between - draw shapes between other shapes.
  5. Beside - draw an animal, objects and shapes beside other animals, objects and shapes.
  6. Above, on and below - draw items above, on and below a bridge.

Positional Language Practice

Print out the two worksheets below which provide additional revision practise for your child, to reinforce what he or she has learnt.

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