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Preschool Colors

Teach Preschool Colors with Our Interactive and Printable Coloring Pages. Kindergarten Color Recognition Worksheets or Children Ages 3-5

It's important for your child to understand the basic colors when learning math. Most books targeted at this age group focus on just four colors; blue, green, red and yellow. We want to teach your child eleven colors.

Color is all around us. As you take your time to explain various objects to your children, you also need to teach them the colors. A leaf may be green, but they need to understand that there may be many different shades of green.

It's a useful exercise to gather items around the house that are the same color, make a label and attach it to objects of the same color so they get to recognize the word.

In this color section, we will not only teach you about what we consider to be the most important colors, there will also be several interactive exercises, and lots of kindergarten coloring worksheets to print off and work through. We will also teach your child, how to spell and write the name of each color. Your child will require a set of sharp colored pencils.

As with other learning activities choose the time of the day when you and your child are relaxed and not tired. Reward your children to build their confidence.

You can click on each star below to take you to the relevant page for that color.

Drag and Drop Colors in the Right Spot

In the exercise below, we simply want your child to click on each colored circle below and drag it to the corresponding white circle with the name of the color in it.

If this is too difficult, then come back to this exercise later once you have worked through the individual preschool color pages for each of the colors.

Color by Number Worksheets

Below are four fun color worksheets for you to print out for your child to color in.

If your child is new to color and also unable to recognize the words, work closely with your child, explaining the names of each color. Use sharpened colored pencils, not crayons.

Preschool Coloring Pages for Single Colors

These printable worksheets can be also found on the individual pages for each color.

Coloring Game

Note: If you see an advertisement here, please be patient as the game will pre-load after 30 seconds. It's worth the wait!

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