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Preschool Number Activities

Preschool number activities are designed to help you and your child explore the fascinating world of numbers in a fun and enjoyable way. This will help your child to learn important skills and mathematical concepts from a very early age.

Learn Counting Up to 10

By going though these learning activities with numbers, your child will learn:

  • The numbers 1-10 and 11-20;
  • Sequence of the numbers;
  • Number values - the quantity that each number represents;
  • Recognize the number when it is written in words;
  • How to write the numbers;
  • How to count.

A child learns through practical experience, so it is important that your child has a range of counting experiences before beginning the activities on this page. It is a good idea to arrange sweets, toys or fruits in a variety of ways and count them together.

The activities are similar throughout, but get more difficult the higher the number, so make sure your child is capable of coping with numbers beyond 10, before attempting numbers 11-20. Each page consists of video, game and printable coloring worksheets. Revision is included after number 5 and number 10, this is to help your child strengthen what they have already learned.

On each page below, you can find a video explanation of each number, preschool number games and printable worksheets tracing letters and numbers. Each number game and number worksheet is based on a popular preschool theme, such as the farm, ocean, forest, animals (safari, polar and domestic), circus, fruits, vegetables, etc. which also can help your child to learn about the world we live in.

Learn Numbers 1 - 20

Learn to Count Up to 20

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