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Preschool Shapes

Teach basic preschool shapes with our interactive and printable math shape worksheets. Shape recognition worksheets for children ages 3-5

By working through this section with your child, he or she will learn about the four main math shapes. They will learn to draw, identify and recognize the circle, square, triangle and rectangle.

Until now, your child will have been used to playing and seeing 3D shapes. Learning flat shapes will be a new concept to them. It's a good idea to walk around the house looking at objects and identifying their shapes with your child before starting on our worksheets and exercises. Encourage your child to touch the shapes and to understand how they feel, what the corners look like, how many sides there are etc.

It's preferable that they have also learnt the colors: red, blue, yellow and green before starting.

Basic Math Shape Worksheets

By clicking on each of the four shapes below, your child can learn each shape in detail. Once you have worked through each one of these kindergarten shapes with your child, then there are two revision worksheets at the bottom of this page to bring together everything that has been learnt on this topic.

Preschool Shapes Recognition Practice

Print out both worksheets below. With the first worksheet, we want to match the shapes on the left with the shapes on the right. Ask your child to draw the line from left to right using the correct color. This is important as the left to right movement is necessary for writing.

For the second color by shape worksheet, ask your child to color in each shape using the matching color for the shape.

Keep repeating this page until your child is completely confident in recognising and drawing these four shapes.


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