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Rectangle Worksheets

Preschool rectangle worksheets, interactive and printable. Rectangle shape recognition worksheets for children ages 3-5

Once you and your child have worked through these kindergarten shape worksheets, your child will be able to both recognize a rectangle and draw a rectangle.

One tip to keep the lines parallel when your child practises drawing a rectangle is to draw a small square in each corner, so the four lines go around the four little squares. 

Basic Math Shapes: Rectangle

With your child, you need to study various objects around the home to identify and describe shapes. Young children are probably more used to playing with 3D shapes, but now they need to understand flat shapes.

Work through the exercises below with your child and have fun.

Count How Many Rectangles

With your child, work through the five questions below, asking your child to count the number of rectangles on each picture and to enter the number into the box. Remember to count all of the rectangular shapes.

Printable Rectangle Worksheet

Printable Rectangle Worksheet for Kindergarten


Print out the worksheet on the left hand side.

Ask your child to practise drawing a rectangle. Draw shapes in an anti- clockwise direction. Remember the tip we provided above on drawing a little square on each corner to keep the lines parallel.

Next, ask your child to color in, in blue, just the rectangular shapes on the three eggs. 

Finally, ask him or her to add some more steps for the tiger to walk up. Ensure he or she understands what shape each step is.

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