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Same and Different 

Same and Different Math Worksheets for Kindergarten. Interactive and Printable Sheets for Children Ages 3-5.

Before jumping into the exercises and games below, we recommend you spend a bit of time with your child so they grasp the concept of matching. Find objects around the home where the items match, for example, socks, shoes, gloves, tables mats, chairs etc.  For those items that do match, discuss what is the same and any small differences that you notice between them.

Your child should be able to distinguish the difference between similar items. For example, you could bring together several small toy cars. Ask your child to look at the small differences between each one.

As your child develops his or her observation skills, you'll find it really helps as they begin to learn other subjects.

Not The Same

In the exercise below you'll see some animals and other objects. Discuss each question with your child and ask them to identify which animal or object is "not the same". The last two questions maybe difficult, and really tests their observation skills.

Tick the animal that is not the same.

Tick the glove that is different.

Tick the vase that is different.


In this section your child needs to grasp the concept that "different" also means "not the same". Work through each question with your child and ask him or her which one is "different". (Hint: all of the questions are to do with the number of spots.)

Tick the vase with flowers that is different.

Different Numbers

Tick the ladybird with different number of spots.

Tick the ladybird with different number of spots.

The Same

In this section we want to match items that are "the same". We have animals, shoes and even some not so scary monsters.

In this first exercise we want you to match the animals. Drag and drop the matching animal from the right onto the animal on the left. The animal should 'snap' into place if you have matched it correctly.

The next exercise introduces "pair" as a concept. Ensure your child understands that two of the same makes a pair. Match the shoes that are the same. Make pairs. Drag the shoes on the right to the correct shelves on the left.

The next matching exercise introduces two more concepts, "symmetry" and "the other half". Explain to your child that one half of the monster exactly matches the other half. As an additional fun exercise, walk around the house looking for objects that are symmetrical, i.e. where one half matches the other.

Match two parts of the monster. You can find one half of the monster on the purple background. Drag and drop it onto the matching monster on the green background.

Same and Different Printable Worksheets

In this section we have four worksheets for you to print out and work through with your child. Each sheet reinforces what we have taught above - "not the same", "same", and "different numbers".

Not the Same - we want you to draw animals and objects that are different

The Same - there are two exercise sheets. The first has a number of butterflies. Simply draw lines so each pair of butterflies match. The second sheet requires you to match specific shapes and color them in.

Different Numbers - in this exercise, first look at the shapes in the frame on the left hand side, then draw a different number of shapes in the frame on the right hand side.

You have now completed learning about the same and different. Would you like to learn more? Next lesson is about math sorting.

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