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Small, Smaller, Smallest

Size recognition worksheets for children ages 3-5

Small, smaller, smallest are words used to measure size. In this page we want your child to learn how to compare the difference in size of various objects. Below is the Sun, ranging in size from small to smallest. Explain to your child the concept of small, smaller and smallest. Remember that many objects can be "smaller", but only one object can be the "smallest".

Work through the short exercises and the printable worksheet below.







Tick the Smallest

Below are five yummy looking cupcakes. Ask your child to tick the box that is directly under the smallest cupcake. 

Small, Smaller, Smallest - Size Worksheets

Below are three watering cans with flowers growing in them. Ask your child to tick the box directly under the smallest watering can.

Small, Smaller, Smallest - Size Recognition Worksheets

Below are four frogs. Tick the box that is directly under the smallest frog. 

Interactive Small, Smaller, Smallest Worksheets

Printable Small, Smaller, Smallest Worksheet

Printable Size Worksheet for Preschool Children


Print out the worksheet on the left hand side.

The worksheet has three objects, a cake, a cup and a teapot. Ask your child to draw a smaller version of each object.

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